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  • The Centenarian Next Door

        Picture this. You’re a well known, popular singer (Rachel Platten) out walking your dog during COVID. Your beloved pooch does his business on […]

  • Third Generation Centenarian

        Ken Turner doesn’t see turning 100 as being unique. He’s actually a third generation centenarian, reaching the milestone like both his […]

  • To Our Last Breath

        At The 100 Year Lifestyle we have long said that your healthy longevity is birthright time, not borrowed time. We all deserve to be healthy […]

  • Each Year Better Than the Last

        If you ask 100-year-old Dorothy (Dottie) Iverson to pick a favorite year of her life, she’ll tell you she can’t. According to her, each […]

  • Still Working at 100

        Thelma Coyd-Cording is still working at 100, and doesn’t have any plans to retire. She’s a beautician who loves what she’s doing, has […]

  • Declared Her Independence on the Day She Was Born

        When Patrice Kiefer was born her father said that she had declared her independence. Patrice was born on July 4th – 1923. Since then, she has […]

  • The Planet’s Oldest Bodybuilder

        Jim Arrington was recognized by Guinness World Records as the planet’s oldest bodybuilder in 2015. Today, at 90, he’s still entering and […]

  • Making Up for Lost Time

        Joy France spent her childhood walking to school with her hands over her eyes. She believed that way she could go totally unnoticed. Today, at […]

  • Feels Good at 107

        If you talk to Bobbie West, she’ll tell you she feels good at 107 years old! Her vision is poor, and she doesn’t always hear so great, but […]

  • On His Way

      Joe Delfausse isn’t a centenarian, yet. But he’s well on his way. While he’s only 82, he’s clearly living his 100 Year Lifestyle. He’s […]