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  • Living at 100%

        Amy Ettinger is living at 100%. She’s also only 49, and she’s been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, uterine […]

  • Love Knows No Age

        Harold Terens and Jeanne Swerlin were introduced by a mutual friend in 2021. This June they’ll be married, surrounded by their families, in […]

  • Carrying the Torch

        In 1924, France hosted the Olympic Summer games. Frenchman Charles Coste was also born that year. Now, in 2024, the Olympics are once again […]

  • Spitfire

        The plane was a Spitfire, Britain’s best loved WWII aircraft, and it was flying to raise money for a charity. The pilot was Jack Hemmings, a […]

  • One Day at a Time in Malta

        Mary Gauci is, by all accounts, amazing. She does her own grocery shopping, cooks fresh food every day, cleans her home, washes her clothes, […]

  • Dive In

        Taghi Askari has never let anything keep him out of the water. At 100, he performed an exhibition dive at the 2024 World Championships in Doha, […]

  • Boogie Man

        Nick Kazuska is a boogie man. That’s boogie with an “ie,” not a “y.” At 104 he’s a talented musician who plays the bass, drums, and […]

  • First Lady of Fitness

        She predates Jane Fonda on the workout scene. Together with her husband, Jack LaLanne, they were credited as revolutionizing modern physical […]

  • How to Live a Happier Life

        It might sound extreme but, according to psychologists, thinking and talking about death and our own mortality doesn’t have to be morbid. […]

  • Full of Beans

        The expression “full of beans” refers to someone having lots of energy and enthusiasm. In the case of Helena Pereira dos Santos, the […]